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Jacqui Angelos
Director - Principal Solicitor

About Jacqui Angelos

Jacqui believes that law should be personal, not aloof and distant. Instead of just working on your file, she will work with you as an individual person. As a lawyer, Jacqui specialises in property law, conveyancing, wills and estates. Jacqui values her clients and therefore is available after hours and on weekends to answer any questions or to simply keep them updated with their matter. 
In 2003, Jacqui graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Communications and then went on to complete a Bachelor of Law, graduating in 2009. After graduating with two degrees she jumped straight in to the work force, practicing as a lawyer / solicitor in and around Newcastle since 2009. 

In 2018 Jacqui created JRA Legal and Conveyancing Newcastle out of a need for more flexibility with hours, a greater focus on clients rather than profits, flexibility to visit clients - especially persons with mobility issues. Jacqui is a proud mum to two young children she understands what it means to be flexible with her schedule and will work around you. Meetings can be held electronically via online platforms or Jacqui can meet you at your desired location if that is suitable. JRA Legal Newcastle are mobile, utilising today's technology to make things a little easier for all persons. Jacqui has so far spent half of her life in Maitland and half in Newcastle, making her a local to both areas. Needless, to say she loves it here and knows we possibly live in the best region of Australia encompassing Lake Macquarie, Cessnock, Maitland, Port Stephens and Newcastle. It's simply a great place to be, along with her friends and family.

About JRA Legal and Conveyancing, Newcastle

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JRA Legal and Conveyancing Newcastle quickly established itself as a leading boutique law firm, with extensive experience in property law, wills and estates, probate and conveyancing. We offer conveyancing services and legal services to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens areas and all locations in between. As a professional property law specialist and conveyancing lawyers, we cater for residential conveyancing and commercial conveyancing. Whether you are a first home buyer or seasoned property investor, if you are buying or selling property, whether it be commercial or residential, JRA legal and conveyancing Newcastle are the conveyancing solicitors / lawyers who makes the process of conveyancing easy. JRA legal are the solicitors in Newcastle that are professional, friendly and reliable. We are a local family law firm who prides itself on providing a premium conveyancing service. We are a trusted solicitor and conveyancer in Newcastle. JRA legal are the conveyancing solicitors in Newcastle that have you covered. JRA are happy to answer your any queries you may have regarding the conveyancing process or you would like us to outline the costs and provide conveyancing quotes. In addition to all property matters we can draft up any powers of attorney and look after your general law matters.


As an experienced conveyancing firm and solicitor in Newcastle we have the skills and experience to undertake the legal work involved in any conveyancing transaction. If it goes pair shaped solicitors have the expertise and credentials to handle any other legal issue, whereas a conveyancer would need to refer it to lawyers or solicitors. There are certain tasks related to property transactions and real property law that can only be executed by a lawyer. This means that as your solicitor, we can advise you as our client on all aspects of a conveyance. As solicitors we can also advise clients on issues that might arise relating to the purchase or sale of the property. These could include things like certifying paperwork when a power of attorney is required to sign a property sale contract. Solicitors can advise you on the potential tax or family planning implications of a property transaction. Solicitors can give guidance on how the sale of a property might impact your divorce proceedings.

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